How to use “Viagra” and “Levitra”?

How to use “Viagra” and “Levitra”? During the holidays people razvrat their wallet, many men resorted to aventure with tablets, even when not needed. Tablets have an unmistakable effect, but their price makes them inaccessible for regular use in a poor country. Here are 50 mg tablets of Viagra costs about 20 leva. in the pharmacies. A little more, but for almost the same price, tablets 100 mg. Sold in 25, 50 and 100 mg Most cheap goes with tablets 100 mg, because if you buy in a package of 4 tablets, she is 70 and a few lions. Many people buy tablets 100 mg, Saraswat each of them having two, and thus the dose of 50 mg them goes to 10 Euro. When Levitra packing, respectively, 5, 10 and 20 mg. of the Substance is an analogue, act the same (different manufacturer – Bayer /Bayer , and Phizer Viagra/Pfizer – each produces a detergent with its own name, but the action in both cases is a vasodilator in the pelvic area and genitalia that increases erection). Levitra is slightly cheaper, but the prices are competitive. Anyone doubts the differences in action between the two tablets, you can try both types and choose the one that thinks it acts, the better. But the effect may be due to food and drinks, so it is good to know some tips from the doctors. Pills for potency to take approximately 1 hour before sexual intercourse. Contraindications do not drink alcohol before or after, but nevertheless, doctors advise not to abuse alcohol. Fatty foods reduce the effect of the pill, approximately 30% and retard its action, so it is better to avoid. Effect Viagra and Levitra lasts for 4-5 hours, and the “[ from – ” – 3 days. Person is not in a state of constant erection, how to drink one “cialis”, but 3 days is improved erectile function. These pills bring the “weekend drunk”, that is, you drink one Friday and keeps you at the weekend. Men who have normal erections, even and drink “Viagra”, “Levitra” and “cialis”, didn’t notice, who knows what is the difference, doctors say. The effect is felt if the person really has problems. “These drugs are a panacea for problems with erectile dysfunction and can be used even in patients who did not visit a doctor. You should be careful, however, as to drink from micropreparative (which appear on some synechron), such as nitroglycerine because it can cause a drop in blood pressure“ Only for 10 years, problems with erections of the penis you are treated primarily with pills for mental disorders, antidepressants, shared tranquilizers, vasodilators, with questionable effect and much more. The desire to perform well in bed, men podehali even the procedure in which they injected vasodilator medications into the penis before sexual contact